photos from whitehall award 2015

wednesday, march 11, 2015
11th Hour Racing
Wendy Schmidt, Jeremy Pochman, and Rob MacMillan accepting

new york yacht club
model room
37 west 44th street
between fifth and sixth avenues

(the club does not permit jeans)

5:30 p.m.
leadership reception with the honorees and Sir Ben Ainslie

6:30 p.m.
cocktails and hors d’oeuvres
silent auction opens

7:30 p.m.
whitehall award and Pete and Toshi Seeger alumni award presentations

With the Whitehall Award, Rocking the Boat is proud to recognize exemplary community leaders and prominent individuals and organizations with a demonstrated commitment to experiential education, the environment, maritime traditions, and youth development. The honor is named for the distinctively elegant and practical wooden boat design that forms the majority of Rocking the Boat’s hand-built fleet. The Whitehall represents a “golden period” of maritime design and craftsmanship, its reliable and beautiful form remaining largely consistent since 1690.

pre-event leadership reception with Ben Ainslie
Winner of five consecutive Olympic medals (four of them gold!), 11 World titles, 9 European titles, and the 2014 America’s Cup, Sir Ben Ainslie will be Rocking the Boat’s special guest at the 2015 Whitehall Award. He will be chatting at an exclusive leadership reception with all three 11th Hour Racing honorees, Wendy Schmidt, Jeremy Pochman, and Rob MacMillan, and talking about his new 1851 Trust, an initiative comparable Rocking the Boat’s own Sailing Program that aims to inspire and engage young people through sailing.

benefit co-chairs
gwendolyn fragomen
austin fragomen
benefit committee
peter beardsley
rachel beardsley
andrew berdon
thomas carpenter
ruth cole
caroline coleman
henry and barbara colie
jennifer galvin
brian gillen
dustin goodwin
rolando tomas infante
cheryll kerr
michael lettera
molly lucas
tricia lynch
robin mcgraw
frosty montgomery
carla murphy
thomas outerbridge
antonio ramos and magda dejose
shawn ricker
raymond rodgers
anastacia stathakis and john duber
nick siewert
kc skolnik
beth swanström
richard thayer
jassen trenkow
amanda wright
peter and joan wright


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