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Rocking the Boat’s Summer Explorer Program is an 8 week program for middle school aged youth. Participants will explore, create, play games, and connect with other Explorers, right from home! The 8 weeks are broken into 4 Badges, each with a unique exploration theme, inquiry activities and hands-on projects to complete.

Explorers will receive free activity project materials by mail and instruction on Google Classroom for daily independent activities and explorations. Explorers will also join a virtual boat crew of 10 Explorers along with a Rocking The Boat staff person in Zoom sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to share experiences, play games and get to know each other!

The Explorer Program is limited to 60 participants, so sign up now! Program starts on Monday, July 6th and runs through August 28th. Participants will receive an email with classroom code and Zoom link details the week of June 29th, along with activity materials through the mail.

how this program works:

  1. Receive an RTB Activity Kit by FedEx with all materials needed for daily activities like growing plants, creating a weather station, sculpting animals out of clay and much more!

  2. Complete a Daily Hands-On Activity posted every weekday at 9am on Google Classroom with guided instructions for the activity & materials from your kit

  3. Participate in Monday, Wednesday & Friday Zoom sessions with RTB Staff and a team of 10 other explorers to play games, share completed projects and get to know each other!

to participate, you will need:

  • Access to a computer or tablet with internet access

  • An email address to enroll in the RTB Google Classroom
    (NOTE: some student school emails do not allow outside organizations, and may require a different email)

  • Provide a mailing address to receive the Activity Kit

  • Time to complete daily activity and attend Zoom sessions

badges and schedule for the 2020 summer explorer program:


july 6th-17th

powerful plants

Grow edible plants from your home window and observe the plant kingdom growing around the city!


july 20th-31st

weather and water
Create a window weather station to monitor the wind and rain. Observe clouds, track the path of raindrops and create beautiful skyscapes with watercolors!


august 3rd-14th

ecosystem exploration
Explore the different systems around the world from urban to aquatic or forest and build your own!


august 17th-28th

awesome adaptations
Investigate animal and plant adaptations and hand sculpt your organisms with model magic!

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For more information, contact Sarah Miles, Director of Public Programs | 718-466-5799 ext. 1229

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