all in the same boat - introducing vRTB

Persevering through difficulty is a core quality Rocking the Boat aims to develop in its participants—to overcome the challenges they encounter in their hands-on projects, in high school, life in the South Bronx, and right now, quarantine. That’s how in this opening week of vRTB, Rocking the Boat’s first experience with virtual programming, students and staff alike surmounted a range of difficulties to come together. Participants managed to log in even though there wasn’t a quiet space to be found in small apartments shared by large families all at home. Some were feeling overwhelmed keeping up with their own school assignments and helping younger siblings with the new systems. The staff converted their own apartments into makeshift classrooms, laboratories, and tv studios. They did this because it meant that much to be reunited and continue the work they love. In fact, three-quarters of the spring roster logged on!

The sessions were scheduled for an hour each afternoon and included both personal check-ins and technical content such as a rundown of oyster anatomy, a demonstration of a new interactive sailing app, and the introduction of a model gaff rigged sloop that will be coming next week. In most cases they stretched past the planned end time because the kids didn’t want them to be over. Even students who were brand new to Rocking the Boat this spring were fired up to see their fellow boatbuilders, sailors, and environmental scientists again. The enthusiasm carried over to the social work groups, in which students requested that sessions be held more than twice a week. No doubt, more challenges lie ahead, but Rocking the Boat is as dedicated as ever to helping our kids develop the skills to tackle them.

kids don’t just build boats, boats build kids

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