corporate teambuilding

Rocking the Boat offers unique teambuilding opportunities that can enhance collaboration and trust among co-workers. Our staff works with yours to help reach a range of team objectives through customized group activities (described in detail below).  Rocking the Boat can accommodate groups of up to 25.  Events typically span 3 to 5 hours.

All teambuilding groups are asked to make a tax-deductible contribution to Rocking the Boat.  The amount varies based on group size and project type, but a typical starting point is $5,000.  Please open a discussion about your group’s interest in a teambuilding opportunity by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

sample projects

Oar Making/Repair
Along with every Rocking the Boat boat, students build a set of four oars. Under the guidance of Boatbuilding apprentices or Program Assistants, volunteers will use hand and power tools to help make the 7-foot oars. Alternately, volunteers will replace older oars’ leather grips.

Boat Refinishing
With all the hard use it gets, the Rocking the Boat fleet requires constant upkeep. Volunteers will use hand and power tools to sand and then repaint or varnish a boat.

Site Maintenance
Rocking the Boat has a 25,000 boatyard and several structures to maintain. Site maintenance projects may include painting boat storage containers, organizing the wood supply, or cleaning the yard before an event.

Hunts Point Riverside Park Maintenance
Rocking the Boat uses the beautiful and heavily landscaped Hunts Point Riverside Park every day to launch its boats on the Bronx River. The park is in constant need of attention – weeding, mulching, planting, and beautifying.

Rocking the Boat’s 10,000 square foot storm water filtering wetland is a boon to the environmental condition of the Bronx River and provides an additional public access resource. But for it to function, it needs a great deal of maintenance. Volunteers are needed to help plant, weed, and remove silt from the wetland throughout three seasons.

College/Career Readiness
Because Rocking the Boat's participants are growing up in a community where nearly half of adults have less than a high school diploma or equivalent degree, being mentored by individuals in the professional workplace has incredible value. Volunteer groups are needed to work with program participants who seek college/career advice and may need help with resume-building and interviewing, among other skills.

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Rocking the Boat is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Download Form 990.