• Rocking the Boat serves 200 young people every year in its flagship afterschool programs, maintains relationships with another 200 alumni, and welcomes 4,000 per year in daytime programs for the public
  • On average, 96% of Rocking the Boat students graduate from high school on time. That rate is an alarming 17.8% in Hunts Point generally
  • Nearly 100% enroll in college or technical schools directly out of high school
  • 57% of Rocking the Boat alumni have received their bachelor’s degrees within six years of high school graduation
  • 49% of Youth Development participants stayed enrolled for 2+ years
  • 95% of participants grow in social emotional competency

kids don’t just build boats, boats build kids

rocking the boat
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phone: 718.466.5799
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Rocking the Boat is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Download Form 990.