All in the Same Boat
all in the same boat - introducing vRTB

Persevering through difficulty is a core quality Rocking the Boat aims to develop in its participants—to overcome the challenges they encounter in their hands-on projects, in high school, life in the South Bronx, and right now, quarantine.

all in the same boat - issue 1

Although the Rocking the Boat student body isn't physically gathering at 812 Edgewater Road on the Bronx River each afternoon, it is nonetheless an active community.  And this isn't a stroke of luck.  It is the result of the trust, teamwork, compassion, and meaningful connections that have been built into every Rocking the Boat programmatic experience.

kids don’t just build boats, boats build kids

rocking the boat
812 edgewater road
bronx, ny 10474
phone: 718.466.5799
fax: 718.466.2892