All in the Same Boat
all in the same boat - connecting to nature during quarantine

For Environmental program students stuck at home, it was a thrill to recently receivea canvas bag, hand-packed by Jasmine, their Program Director.  Inside they found, among other things, colorful flowerpots, small sandwich bags filled with potting soil, and a packet of something that looked like soft, tiny, black-tipped darts.

all in the same boat - introducing vRTB

Persevering through difficulty is a core quality Rocking the Boat aims to develop in its participants—to overcome the challenges they encounter in their hands-on projects, in high school, life in the South Bronx, and right now, quarantine.

all in the same boat - issue 1

Although the Rocking the Boat student body isn't physically gathering at 812 Edgewater Road on the Bronx River each afternoon, it is nonetheless an active community.  And this isn't a stroke of luck.  It is the result of the trust, teamwork, compassion, and meaningful connections that have been built into every Rocking the Boat programmatic experience.

rocking the boat
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phone: 718.466.5799

Rocking the Boat is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Download Form 990.