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spotlight on rocking manhattan

Every year in the early fall, over 100 people from all around the city and beyond join together to row 30 miles around the island of Manhattan and raise money for Rocking the Boat. Rocking the Boat volunteer Oliver Ryan is returning for his seventh Rocking Manhattan this year. Read his first person account of past rows:

spotlight on social work: tutoring

While dynamic Boatbuilding, Environmental Science and Sailing Programs are Rocking the Boat’s main gigs, our overall goal is to holistically support our students as they move through high school and help them make plans for their next steps.

spotlight on social work: apprentice performance evaluations

At the conclusion of every semester, Rocking the Boat’s Job Skills apprentices get to sit down with their Program Director—and talk about nothing but themselves for an hour! Is it teenage lack of guile? Surplus ego? Actually, the context for these Socratic discourses is the apprentice Performance Evaluation, a 30 to 60 minute conversation that offers the ideal platform to contemplate what went well, what could have gone better, and how to proactively improve.

spotlight on public programs: winter projects

It may be January, but students from the two Bronx schools currently enrolled in Rocking the Boat’s Public Program are thinking spring.

Two dozen ninth and 10th graders at Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School and a dozen sixth and seventh graders from Bronx Community Charter School have immersed themselves in woodworking projects that are helping make winter fade into the background.

kids don’t just build boats, boats build kids

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