spotlight stories

spotlight on the board of directors

"Opportunities like this—joining the Board of Directors of a nonprofit—just don’t come around for people like me, you know? When Rocking the Boat asked if I was interested in the position, I jumped at it."

spotlight on microplastic monitoring

"Once you know, it’s hard to go back.  Now you have to do something," says Robertson, a high school senior and apprentice in Rocking the Boat’s Environmental Job Skills Program, who is taking part in the first ever study of microplastic contamination of the Bronx River.

spotlight on partnerships - blue hill troupe

Whether students are working together to row a 17-foot Whitehall to an oyster restoration station up river, to steam, clamp, and fasten a cedar plank to an oak frame, or successfully navigate a small sailboat back to the mooring in heavy wind, teamwork is a constant at Rocking the Boat.

spotlight on college alternatives

Rocking the Boat’s social workers follow a highly organized program to lead students towards post-graduation plans. The main thrust occurs in their junior and senior years with school campus visits, workplace visits, and information sessions

remembrances of spotlights past

Perhaps it is the habit of summer to stir the memory, or more precisely the recent launch of Nostalgia, Rocking the Boat students’ 54th traditional wooden boat and 19th Whitehall rowboat, but we have looked to the past for this month’s Spotlight inspiration.

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