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spotlight on alumni rowing team

Everyone who takes part in a Rocking the Boat program—Boatbuilders, Sailors, and Environmental Science participants alike—learn how to row. They love rowing in the traditional wooden boats they or their peers have built, and while they are always welcome to come back and take a boat out on the Bronx River, historically, there had not been many organized opportunities for them to do so. This all changed in 2015...

spotlight on mentoring

Mentoring has always been at the heart of Rocking the Boat’s approach to youth development.  Boatbuilding Program Assistants, for example, just a few years older than new students tentatively handling a block plane for the first time, are always ready to answer questions and offer friendly guidance. 

spotlight on community birding

“A double-crested cormorant!”

“A what? I can’t see it.”

“There!”  Yantzia, an Environmental Science Program apprentice and high school senior only weeks from graduation, pointed out a tall, black bird with a goosey neck to the people in her rowboat.  It was June 2, and the passengers were guests of Rocking the Boat’s first-ever Community Birding event.

kids don’t just build boats, boats build kids

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