bronx river rowing: all ages

Getting out on the Bronx River in student-built Whitehall rowboats is an exciting way to learn a new skill or enjoy the natural views of the Bronx River Estuary. Safety is the priority; each boat has a Rocking the Boat captain on board and all rowers are required to wear personal floatation devices (PFDs).

Learn to Row

Learn to Row (on-land)
Participants learn boat parts, rower positions and the fundamentals of rowing on-land before launching boats onto the river. Participants practice safe form, strokes and commands in a “dry-run” to prepare for rowing on the river.


Navigation and Charts (on-land)
Prior to launching, participants explore Bronx River maps and charts to learn how to navigate the river. Participants develop a float plan considering all factors explored, including tide, wind-direction and speed and weather conditions.


Teambuilding and Group Challenge Games (on-land)
Rowing a boat successfully requires communication and teamwork! Get warmed up with a few fun games to get your team talking and working together before getting in the boat.

Group Row

Group Row

Get your group right out on the water and practice their skills. Rows can focus on skill development, highlight an Ecology Exploration theme or be just for fun! Destinations are dependent on river and weather conditions, and time allotted.

Combine a group row with any Ecology Exploration Activity!

See Steps to Book a Program and contact Rob Buchanan Director of Public Programs, with questions.
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